giambattista valli x h&m

influencers: Janita Autio, Vikki Panda, Liis Lemsalu

Luca Meneghel is a fashion photographer born in Belluno, Italy. His unique view is the result of a background in design combined with a deep fascination with the way people and space relate to each other. He lists among his publications Vogue Portugal, Numéro France, Elle Portugal, Monocle etc


Vogue Portugal, Numéro France, Numéro Art, Elle Portugal, L'Officiel Mada, Monocle, Elledecor Spain, GQ uk, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Schön


H&m, New Balance Europe, Allude, Anderson-Sheppard, London Collections: Men, Oberrauch-Zitt, Zilla, Dimitri